If You Want to Make a Fortune in Crypto...

You Only Have to Be Right Once

People ask me all the time – what crypto do I buy …  when do I buy it … and how do I buy it ... how do I reduce my tax and... how do live off my crypto?

Those are important questions.

And I’m going to answer them for you.

But, first, I want you to consider the bigger picture.

People asked those same questions when the dotcom craze was just getting started.

Take a look at this hypothetical basket of real stocks purchased in 1998…

  • Boo.com
  • Boxman.com
  • Clickmango.com
  • Etoys.com
  • Heat.net
  • Ibelieve.com
  • JennyCam
  • Pets.com
  • Webvan

Investing just $10,000 into each of those stocks would leave you today with… 

Drumroll … $0.

That’s right - you’d be flat broke!

Now, all of these stocks were all promising…all were backed by VCs or angel investors…  

And yet they all went bust.

Now, consider if you’d added just one more stock to this list - Amazon.

That’s $100,000 spread out evenly over 10 stocks.

All went bankrupt, except Amazon.

Today, that $100,000 invested would be worth nearly $7 million.

Proving that – in the right circumstances – you can be wrong 9 out of 10 times and still make a fortune.

And what if you’d also added Netflix, Apple, or Facebook to the mix?

You’d be a millionaire many times over.

What does this have to do with what crypto to buy … when to buy it … and how to buy it?


You see, with crypto in its infancy, it’s NOT about picking the perfect investment at the perfect time.

It’s about picking a small number of crypto investments with massive potential…

Knowing some will be strikes.  Some will be base hits.  Some will be doubles or triples.  And some will be grand slams.

In other words, you don’t have to find the needle in the haystack.

You just have to be in the right place at the right time…

And pick a well-chosen basket of opportunities.

(I’m going to tell you a little about the 5 coins I'm most excited about today.)

Which begs the question...

Which Crypto Projects Could be the Next Amazon, Netflix, Apple, or Google?

Well, not bitcoin.  

Right now, all the bitcoin in the world is worth just about $1 trillion.

And if it completely took over gold, it would 12X at most.

12X is a great return.  But it’s not 700X like Amazon did.

Bitcoin is a fantastic buy-and-hold investment, but it won’t make you rich anytime soon.

What will?

Ethereum?  A new coin that hasn’t been invented yet?  An NFT?  How about a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) project?

As I mentioned, I’m going to share how you can find out about 5 crypto investments we’re super excited about.  

But first – this is NOT just about money for us.

A Call to Arms!

Yes, crypto has the potential to turn a dismal retirement into one most people only dream of.

And if that’s all crypto ever is to you, that’s totally understandable.

But for us, here at Crypto Confidential – which I’m going to tell you much more about in a moment - it’s much more than that too.

My name is Omar Westerberg.

And I’m here to tell you - even though most people don’t realize it - we’re at war.  A financial war.

Bankers, central banks, and politicians have had a stranglehold on our finances for hundreds of years.

They’ve made out like pigs at the trough by being nothing more than market-manipulating middlemen.  Using archaic systems like ACH and swift to simply move money around.

But those days are coming to an end. 

Have you noticed how hard it is for you to simply transfer your money to different institutions? This is not an accident. In fact it's getting harder every year for you to access your own money. 

As Cathie Wood, founder and CEO at Ark Invest Management put it…

“Banks are Now Running Scared!”

They know crypto and blockchain will take a massive bite out of their profits.  And, eventually, put the nail in their coffins.

So, they’re trying to regulate the industry.

But that’s like trying to slow a speeding freight train.

This genie is already out of the box.  As you can see, spending in the industry is already massive and about to get a lot larger...

Because this industry is moving so rapidly, the regulators simply can’t keep up.

And, even if they could, you could always move your wealth offshore.  It’s 100% legal and ethical.  In fact, if you do it right, you never even have to report your earnings to the IRS.

We’ll show you how to get started in a moment.

Here’s the point – crypto levels the playing field.  So, anyone on the planet with a cell phone can send or receive money in an instant – with little or no fees.

And anyone can earn life changing gains – free of sleazy brokers.

Just as the internet democratized information, crypto and blockchain are democratizing money and privacy.

Which is something we’re passionate about.

But, of course, we’re also passionate about the money-making potential too.

This is why I want to share with you a…

Free Report - Our Top 5 Crypto Picks for 2022

Any of the coins discussed here could be the next Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, or Netflix – or even bigger.

Coin #1 – The Metaverse Maker

If you’ve paid attention to the news recently, you know that Facebook changed its company name to Meta.

That should give you some insight into how big of a deal the metaverse is about to be.

In case you’re not familiar, the metaverse is the name for a virtual 3d Universe.  It’s about to become how we shop, how we meet with others, and how we spend our free time.

It’s much, much bigger than the internet.

And I predict one company is going to be the big winner in the rollout of the metaverse.


Because it’s the platform that’s underpinning the metaverse.

It reminds me of Cisco Systems (CSCO).  Cisco Systems made the ‘plumbing’ for the internet. Networking switches and the like.

Just $10,000 invested in Cisco in 1995 was worth nearly $380,000 just 5 years later…

Given the size and scope of the metaverse, I think this Metaverse Maker coin has even bigger potential.

Coin #2 – The Ethereum Killer

If you’re not all that familiar with crypto, you may not understand the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Bitcoin is a store of value.  Kind of like a digital gold.  You can make it, save it, spend it, and borrow against it.  But beyond being money, it doesn’t have any utility to it.

That’s not the case with Ethereum.

Ethereum is the backbone to much of what happens on the blockchain.  Transactions occur on Ethereum.  And other decentralized projects are built on top of Ethereum.

As a result, Ethereum’s currency – Ether – made early investors wealthy.

Today, Ethereum has a market cap of around USD$400 billion.

Even if this Ethereum Killer only stole half of the market share, it would have to 7X in short order.  But that thinking leaves out the fact that crypto is growing with such massive speeds.

I’m guessing this Ethereum Killer could 20X in the next 2-3 years.

Coin #3 – The Ethereum Transaction Aggregator

One of the major downsides to Ethereum is the transaction fees on the network.  It’s expensive to transact directly on Ethereum.

Coin #3 has figured out a way to solve this problem.

They operate as a layer on top of Ethereum.  And they aggregate or batch transactions – combining them into a single transaction on Ethereum.

In other words, this company is providing the same ‘picks and shovels’ at a much lower cost.

Because this technology offers such drastic cost savings, other crypto projects are rushing to partner with them and run on their platform.

We’re talking about hundreds of NFTs, crypto gaming, metaverse projects, and more.

We’re looking for this coin to skyrocket any day.

Coin #4 – Metaverse Real Estate

This coin is a little riskier than the first 3.  But with big risk we’re taking a chance at an even bigger reward.

Inside the metaverse, there is virtual real estate.  Land.  Homes.  Buildings.  Signage.  You name it.

Regular people and businesses are competing to snatch up this real estate already.

Imagine owning the best commercial building in ‘town’ – and renting it out to businesses who want to transact virtually.

That’s what’s coming in the Metaverse.

And the project behind Coin #4 is my pick to be the winning supplier of that virtual real estate.

Again, this one is a little riskier.  But if we’re right, it could make the gains of any of today’s tech companies pale in comparison.

And, lastly, we have…

Coin #5 – Digital Invoice Factoring

You may not have heard of invoice factoring.  But it’s a massive business nonetheless.

What is invoice factoring?

When companies need an injection of cash, they’ll sometimes sell their accounts receivable at a discount.

In return, the invoice factoring company collects the payments and a premium for their trouble.

This is cheaper and easier for the company than getting a bank loan.  And the invoice factoring company basically becomes a lender, earning interest.

And it’s not a small business.

In the US alone, the invoice factoring market was worth $3.2 trillion. And it’s expected to grow by 8.4% a year.

Enter Coin #5.  This digital invoice factoring company has figured out a way to turn outstanding accounts receivable into an NFT.  And then sell it to their internal ecosystem.

As a result, they’re able to pay 30% staking rewards.

Imagine earning a 30% yield on your money!  Almost unheard of these days.

I expect that number will drop as the value of the underlying coin skyrockets.

Either way, you’re a winner.

So, there you have it.  Those are our favorite crypto picks for 2022.

Would you like to learn what they are, when to buy them, and how to buy them?

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Living the crypto life is about knowing how to use crypto to fuel a life of both abundance and freedom.  

With crypto - if you do it right - you're in control.  NOT bankers... NOT politicians... and NOT low level bureaucrats.

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The choice is yours, of course, but I think the path is clear…