About Us

Crypto Confidential is a monthly print publication and online community driven by some of the smartest minds in the crypto industry. 

Patrick Hakim - Contributor

Patrick Hakim, known in the industry as “Divi Daddy”, is a specialist Masternode service provider with deep experience in systems and structure. He first started in crypto in 2015 building a “Zero Cooling” mining facility and was afforded many opportunities to learn with early blockchain pioneers. He migrated from mining to Masternodes to take advantage of the lower overheads.

Patricks’ strength is taking time to listen to a problem and apply a blockchain solution to create real life value. He’s passionate about his family, faith and the freedom that comes with it, and he looks for ways to help network and engage with his local Blockchain community.

Jeff Pasquino - Contributor

Jeff Pasquino’s 20 plus years of experience in telecommunications, engineering and product management led him into the world of cryptocurrency in 2016. Using his unique experience, Jeff created a research methodology to assess the tokenomics, launch viability, and adoption of new blockchain projects. The success of Jeff’s work has led him to create personal relationships with the leadership teams of with many cryptocurrency projects. By combining his direct relationships and research methodology, it has created an edge to uncover new projects and investment opportunities not always available to the public.

Michelle Harper - Contributor

Michelle Harper, Esq is an estate planning attorney who specializes in wealth preservation and cryptocurrency planning. She assists people in setting up the legal structure for investing retirement accounts in the cryptocurrency market. Michelle can also help you establish a CryptoTrust or an LLC to protect your assets in this ever-evolving financial market. As a wife and mother to 2 small children, Michelle knows how important it is to get sound legal advice to protect you and your family when making the journey into cryptocurrency.

Omar Westerberg - Contributor

Omar Westerberg is the Managing Partner of Viva Capital Management, a full service cryptocurrency firm. Omar’s strengths are international strategy and go-to-market of new projects. Omar managed an algorithmic absolute return fund in Hong Kong and helped manage the largest introducing broker for Interactive Brokers in Australia at the time. During his career, Omar has lived in many countries, developed deep knowledge on international business structuring and capital raising. Omar has an extensive network of legal, tax, and accounting professionals. He frequently delivers strategic advice on international solutions to legally reduce tax and increase profit margins for crypto investors and business owners around the world.

Lauren Rodriguez - Community Manager

Lauren is the community manager for Crypto Confidential. After investing in crypto with her husband, she is a firm believer that crypto is the future and as a result, decided to work within the crypto industry. Lauren has an extensive background in customer service in the hospitality, medical and financial industries.

Lauren loves to help and watch others succeed. Her goal as the Community Manager is to provide a safe space where everyone feels confident to be themselves while remaining respectful towards each other.