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How to Build Crypto Passive Income To pay for your lifestyle Without selling your assets

Register for Thursday 7.30pm Eastern, May 5th, and learn: 

✔️ The 3 secrets how to safely invest in crypto projects so you start your journey from where you are now to living off crypto, even if you're a complete beginner.

✔️ How to borrow against your crypto so you don't pay tax and keep more of your money.

✔️ How to buy harder coins like Veritaseum and Persistence so you can potentially make huge profits. 

✔️ How to stake your crypto so you make a residual income to eventually replace your job.

✔️ Where to find a community to get your questions answered and not do the journey on your own.

✔️ The 10 commandments of being a crypto investor so you avoid the costly mistakes others make.



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Free Live Zoom Event Reveals:


Register for Tuesday 7.30pm (New York Time), and learn:
✔️ How to safely invest $50K or more in crypto,
 in 48 hours or less, get up to a 5% dividend on top, without doing any of it yourself.

✔️How to avoid the expensive crypto mistakes so you don't get your bank account frozen, hit exchange transfer limits, or get ripped off paying retail commissions to a broker. 

✔️ How to get your account security managed, so you don't waste money buying hardware wallets, laptops, risk getting hacked or losing your password so you sleep like a baby knowing your money is safe.

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Dear Investor,

To make a fortune in crypto, you only have to be right once. But if you want to invest more in crypto safely without making the costly mistakes that newbie investors make, then this presentation is for you. 

You might have heard how crypto is minting new millionaires, but there are nightmare stories about people who've lost millions in bitcoin, never to regain it. That's because:

  • Exchanges are targets for hackers...
  • Hardware wallets only take 15 minutes to hack...
  • Banks might flag large money transfers for crypto as money laundering...
  • Retail exchanges limit transfers where you might not get your money out
  • Retail providers charge deposit, withdrawal or commission fees of up to 1-10% which is daylight robbery. 

Most investors don't know this stuff until it's too late... but I'm here to make sure that doesn't happen to you. Why?
Because digital assets were the highest performing investment in the last decade. And experts forecast another 10-20x growth in the next 10 years due to the mega-companies buying up big time.

And finally, in 2020, institutional-grade security became available for everyday investors like you and me. It's now the safest and only solution for investors with $50k or more to invest.

For example: Do you think Elon Musk has his $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin sitting on a hardware wallet in a drawer of his home office? No. He doesn't. And neither should you.

Because in another 10 years, your investment could be worth 10- 20x more what it is today and you don't want to risk it on a silly mistake.

On this free LIVE ZOOM event I'll unpack how you can invest large amounts safely, and get it all done for you, so you can take advantage of the life changing gains in crypto in the next 10 years, without having to do any complex tech for yourself! 

There's even a Q&A at the end so make sure you click the button to reserve your seat now.

Your Presenters

Omar Westerberg
Partner - Crypto Confidential

Jeff Pasquino - (Litecoin Leader)
Partner - Crypto Confidential

Patrick Hakim - (Divi Daddy)
Partner - Crypto Confidential

Justin Harper
Business Development Partner
Orlando Florida, USA

Live Zoom Event Details:

Tuesday 7.30pm New York Time

What You'll Discover On This
Free LIVE ZOOM Event...

  • Why opening a wallet or buying hardware is NOT the safest way to manage your investment and how to set up security, so you sleep soundly at night knowing your money is secure.
  • Borrowing against their crypto (Nexo). I made a 5-part series for that on my channel about a month ago. It was pretty well received.Second is obtaining some of the harder coins. We solved the VERI, so we moved on to the second coin. That's leading to the third thing....Liquidity pools. I just posted a video on how to do them in the telegram channel. This is kind of like staking on steroids.


    My next article is going to be called  "Don't make these Mis-stakes", where I break down the positives and negatives of stake you can how to avoid certain traps.

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